Can I use xcat and opennebula together?

I would like to know what the difference is between xcat and opennebula?

Are those both same products or can I use opennebla on top of xcat???

Thanks, Heather

xCat is somehow a different problem solving toolkit, oriented towards bare metal preparation, configuration and management - in this sense is more similar to Foreman, Cobbler or Crowbar (an overview with some descriptions is here: ). OpenNebula takes from there, exactly like OpenStack. There is an initial opennebula-foreman integration (here, from the great people of Netways: ) to provide initial bare metal support to opennebula as well.

So if I understand well xcat is anything that all the all configuration and management softwares that you sent me in your list,
as I am not a system admin but just a project owner if I am not mistaking xcat is superiour and has more features then foremen and all other softwares mentioned in your list am I right?

If si should I use xcat plugged into opennebula or opennebula plugged into foreman and puppet???

A far as I read xcat has clustering features that other softwares do not have am I right???
Regards, Heather

It really depends on two factors: the scale at which you want to work (number of physical servers) and the complexity of your needs. Cobbler, Foreman, Fuel (for openstack) are easy-to-use solution, with a nice graphical management and easy rules for doing most of what standard users (ie, up to 20-50 servers) may need. xCat is a large scale system designed to manage and deploy complex clusters and grids, and originally derives from an internal IBM product used for real-world deployment of clusters with hundreds of racks and tens of thousands of processors.
So, to recap: if you need to go to that scale, probably xCat is an excellent solution. If you need to deploy between 3 and 50 servers, any of the solution listed will cover you perfectly, with probably an easier learning process.

You are absolutly right, this is the answer I was expecting from an expert like you,
in fact I want to remain positive and hoping my project will scale so this is why I want to use xCat is for a large scale system.

So my last quetion is, should I use xcat intgrated with opennebula or xcat as stand alone software?
Regards, Heather

It seems that xcat comes bundeled with openstack so as I don’t like openstack but like rather opennebula I guess I should use xcat integrated with opennebula for cloud isn’t it?

If so here is my architecture plan xcat-opennebula - kvm
Is this architecture ok or not?
Regards, Heather