Cloud bursting synchronization status

Hi, I work with the driver integration Cloud Bursting (Opennebula-Opennebula) and a question about the status of the VM on the primary cloud and the remote cloud. Possible full synchronization status, or on the main cloud you can only see the status from the table below?

state description
N/A Detecting state error. The monitoring could be done, but it returned an unexpected output.
a Active. The VM alive (running, blocked, booting…). The VM will be set to RUNNING
p Paused. The VM will be set to SUSPENDED
e Error. The VM crashed or somehow its deployment failed. The VM will be set to UNKNOWN
d Disappeared. VM not known by the hypervisor anymore. The VM will be set to POWEROFF

I would like to see in the main cloud the real status of the VM on a external cloud (e.g. boot, shutdown, etc.), but I don’t know yet if this is possible.

Link to document with a table(
I would be glad if someone helps.