Create OS image from iso installer


Does someone has a link to a howto regarding the creation of a OS image using a cdrom iso image? I always end up with a not bootable disk.

thanks and cheers

Hi Thomas,

I opened a similar issue some time ago, Boot failed: not a bootable disk / no bootable device after installing a Ubuntu image through ON .

Basically, I needed to select as 1st boot “HD’ and as second boot “CDROOM” in the template created to read from the cdrom and install in the new image. I am not sure if you are getting the same issues but I hope it helps :smile:


This can be easily set in 4.12, there is a boot order section, so you can
put HD as 1st and CDROM as 2nd

Thanks for your answers. I found Works.


Uahhh. I answered to quick. I seem to have the same problem as Esteban. I always end up with a not bootable disk.

Considering the hints from Esteban everything worked. Although i had to go trough the installation a few times until in noticed i have to “shutdown” the VM not “poweroff”.