File server1.yaml automatically reset to empty

Hello Support,

I’ve activated the ldap authentication and manual group mapping. Below my configuration.

server 1:
:user: ‘vonecloud@domain.tld’
:password: ‘xxxxx’
:auth_method: :simple
:host: ldap.domain.tld
:port: 3269
:timeout: 15
:encryption: :simple_tls
:base: ‘dc=domain,dc=tld’
:group: ‘ou=vOneCloud,ou=Applications,ou=Technic,dc=domain,dc=tld’
:user_field: ‘sAMAccountName’
:group_field: ‘member’
:user_group_field: ‘dn’
:mapping_timeout: 300
:mapping_filename: server1.yaml
:mapping_default: 1
:rfc2307bis: true

CN=GL_APP_VONECLOUD_DI,OU=vOneCloud,OU=Applications,OU=Technic,DC=domain,DC=tld: ‘104’

The mapping mecanisme work perfectly but after a while (maybe 5 mins) the server1.yaml is reset to empty and the mapping is not functionnal.

Is that normal !??

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If you’ll check descriptions of params:

    # Generate mapping file from group template info
    :mapping_generate: true

    # Seconds a mapping file remain untouched until the next regeneration
    :mapping_timeout: 300

    # Name of the mapping file in OpenNebula var directory
    :mapping_filename: server1.yaml

So, ~5 mins, its mapping_timeout. Just set mapping_generate to false.

What is group template, i don’t know