Fileserving best practice


This is what I want:
vms and other host-level machines (win, lin) access virtual fileserver
manage files with alfresco (can serve nfs, smb, ftp…)

What for:
just me for poking around, development on microservices sharing files and everything that’s currently on my laptop. and learning how to do it right should I actually need to build something like that.

This is what I have:
centos7 dual xeon quad 16g server as frontend and kvm host and lxc host
kvm vms and lxc
ext4 data partition on a raid0

scalability, transferability, performance wise, should I

a) setup my frontend as an nfs host, alfresco in an lxc using that nfs and gatewaying smb, ftp…
//but I want to have all the work done in the monitored space of sunstone

b) setup the new partition as an image datastore with TM shared, create a huge datablock device inside, mount that in alfresco in an lxc
//but doesn’t the image still get copied to the system datastore? this would seem such superfluous copying to and fro

c) somthing I haven’t come across yet (I’m new here)
//like persistently mount a host’s partition in an lxc? what context would I need to add to my template using lxcone?

any advice beyond the docs much appreciated!