Keeping the OS images uptodate?


one of the goals of my ONe installation is to provide users (students) an easy way how to try their projects on various operating systems. So I want to have a set of preinstalled images/templates with Linux distributions, Windows, etc., which they can simply instantiate and then they can focus on their own work instead of setting up networking, installing updates, etc.

How can I keep the images uptodate? I would like for example to run “yum -y update” every night on RPM-based images, so that the newly instantiated VM would be immediately usable as an up-to-date system. But I cannot do this when the image is already in USED state. Is there an easier way other than rebuilding the images somewhere outside the ONe infrastructure every night?



I can only think on two ways:

  • Add yum -y update to START_SCRIPT in all templates
  • Create new updated images and rename them to match the old image name. You must use the image name in the template instead of image ID.