MySQL Backend binary logs


I have an issue with MySQL binary logs: Every time a VM or a host or whatever is monitored there is an replace on the corresponding monitoring table with the complete XML data leading to like 15GB of binary logs for our Opennebula environment.

The DB is not big but 15GB of Binary log is really bad. Is there a way to come around this? Like splitting the data up into fields instead of the XML string, or replacing / updating only data that is needed?

Thx, Armin

we are using Opennebula 4.10 obn Ubuntu 12.04

You can deactivate the binary logs (if not in a federation mode). If you
are using federation you can run ‘PURGE BINARY LOGS’ periodically.

Purging is what we are doing at the moment. It is not a very clean approach though.
I’ll bring up some Ideas on enhancing this part in Redmine.