New Storage Addon: LINSTOR

Greetings OpenNebula Team!

We have been developing a new storage driver that integrates LINSTOR with your platform.

LINSTOR is about automating deployment of DRBD volumes. It is the glue to higher level management frameworks, such as cloud-management systems, enterprise virtualization solutions and storage target software

More information about LINSTOR can be found on our website.


  • Deploy disk images to storage nodes automatically, or on selected nodes.
  • Attach images to hosts over the network.
  • Easy deployment of highly available images
  • Allows live migration of VMs, even using the ssh system datastore transfer manager

Please consider including our project as on official addon of OpenNebula. The source for this addon is found on LINBIT’s github and it has been tested against OpenNebula version 5.6

Thank you for your consideration,
Hayley Swimelar



Thanks for sharing the great news about the new storage driver on which you have been working! This certainly would be a great opportunity to include it as an OpenNebula Add-on. Please take the opportunity to take a look at steps we have in place to do so -

It looks like you have already taken the first few steps. I think at this point, we would want to confirm whether you or someone else would be the Add-on Leader. Once we confirm that, we can work to create the new repository in the OpenNebula project GitHub.

When you have a chance, reply back accordingly and we can continue to move ahead getting this set up.

Many thanks!

Hi Michael,

Yes, I will be the leader for this addon.



Hi Michael!
Could you add me as co-maintainer for the addon-linstor, I have recently added a lot of enhancements to the addon and would like to push it upstream.


Hi Rene,

If you send me your GitHub handle to my email address ( , we can set this up accordingly.


I sent you a mail with the information, just wanted to make sure you got it?


Sorry for the delay, Rene!! It’s all done.