[one-5.2.1] iscsi_libvirt / virsh missing host in deployement file


I am trying to use iscsi_libvirt (from http://docs.opennebula.org/5.2/deployment/open_cloud_storage_setup/iscsi_ds.html)
I setup a datastore, using:
DS_MAD iscsi_libvirt
TM_MAD iscsi_libvirt

(1st note: the documentation in 5.2 is wrong. It is written ‘iscsi’ …)

Then I made an image, 1TB, using the iqn provided by my SAN:

Image is successfully created.
When I am trying to instantiate the VM, virsh writes:
Sat Apr 8 12:48:47 2017 [Z0][VMM][I]: error: internal error: protocol ‘iscsi’ accepts only one host

I tried to add ISCSI_HOST to image (was already present is DS), but is it the same.

The XML block in deployement.0 is:


And as you can see, no host entry.
Is it a bug ? How can I quickly fix it ?

Thank you for your help !!

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reply to myself:
I should have search on PR …
related to https://github.com/juanmont/one/commit/82d68607268727af660fc5c4aaabe2ebbcdbcbb2
Will be fixed in 5.4 …

So I will locally patch my version …