Opennebula Hardware Compatibility

Dear Opennebula Team and Community,

We would implement opennebula, and come up with a few questions.

We are using Dell poweredge r750 for computing nodes with 25 Gigabit SFP+, Centos Operating System. and for Storage we use Dell EMC PowerScale Isilon with 25 Gigabit ethernet SFP+,

  1. Does Opennebula support a 25G ethernet network?

  2. Does Opennebula support Dell EMC PowerScale Isilon with 25 Gigabit ethernet SFP+ for storage with NFS?

Thank you for your assistance

Best regards,

Achmaad LMD.

The very nice thing about OpenNebula is that as long as you can establish the required networking and storage requirements in your chosen operating system you don’t have to worry about the underlying hardware. For instance, on my dev/test system I have the front end running on a Dell PowerEdge R430 with the hypervisor nodes on Dell PowerEdge R910 servers equipped with Intel 10G X520 ethernet adapters. Shared storage is provided by a Gigabyte server running ZFS Linux.

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