Plans to "fix" guacd incapacity to support non-us keymaps?

It seams that Guacamole, which OpenNebula uses to stablish VNC connections to KVM hosts in order to access VMs, is not able to properly deal with non-US keayboards.

This makes impossible to use the new Sunstone/Fireedge to properly access VMs with, for example pr-abn2 keymap, as long as accents are impossible to use. This is true even if a keymap is set in the “graphics” section of the VM template and if the proper key map is set the VM Template:
KEYMAP = “pt-br”,
LISTEN = “”,
TYPE = “VNC” ]

The only solution to this seams to be to use local software, such as TigerVNC, virt-viewer or mstsc, wich renders the new Sunstone/Fireedge interface useless as a mean to access KVM VMs;

Any plans to solve this? Or am I completly wrong

Marcus Rocha

Hi @marcusrocha,

The VM in OpenNebula needs to have the correct keyboard layout for Guacamole VNC to work correctly. First, you will need to set the KEYMAP to an available option, in your case, pt-br. After that, an internal configuration is needed; you must connect to the VM and change the keyboard layout to match the selected keymap.


Hi @fborges ,

comments are in the post “Sunstone/Fireedge can't handle pt-br keyboard, but tigervnc, mstsc and virt-viwere can

Marcus Rocha