Problem with root password


After a reboot I can’t access with root user to opennebula by ssh. Any idea?

There are any way to change root password?


Hi Sergi,
if you mean that you forgot your root user account password for a server where OpenNebula is installed, I’m afraid that there’s nothing that OpenNebula can help you with that issue, as Operating System’s user password management is not related with OpenNebula.

If you have physical access or a management service like ILO to your server’s terminal and you can see the GRUB boot menu, your Linux distribution may have a procedure to reset your root password (e.g for RedHat/CentOS systems or Debian/Ubuntu).

Hope you solve your problem :frowning:

Can’t you connect to your physical node or to a guest?

Trick 17: Check if you accidentally setup the host using a different keyboard layout (en_us) and now try to connect with your regional keyboard layout.
To check this -> change your pc’s keyboard layout to en_us and try to login to your server using the password as you set it.

Works wonders in 80% of all cases! :relieved:

If nothing else helps check out @mcabrerizo solution which requires local access -> boot to rescue mode, open local root shell, remount / as rw and change the password using passwd.

Pro tip: Never use passwords for ssh and stick to ssh keys, less hassle, way more secure!