[SOLVED] Change to a new Image DS

I have an image DS on an NFS appliance, that appliance has CPU issues so I wanted to move to a new appliance creating a new Image DS.
There are currently VMs based on the “old” image DS, so I cannot empty it (remove all images) and then just remove the DS.
I’m trying this because the creation of the images are made via the VM save-as command, now the those VMs are in the new appliance but the images are going into the older NFS when executing the save-as.
There’s no way to disable that DS, and I haven’t got an idea about how the DS choice is made, the old NFS has more space available than the newer one, and that can be the culprit. I’ve been playing with DEFAULT_DS_SCHED with no success.
Any advice/suggestion?



Replying myself: Looking at the code, the save-as will save the image in the same DS of the image that the VM is based on, no matter where the VM is.

So, if the image is on DS 1, and your VM is on (system) DS 100, the save as will go to the DS 0. No scheduler variable will change that.