SOLVED: New view not showing up on Sunstone


I’m trying to create a new Sunstone view for a POC (OpneNebula 5.2.1) and am not being able to see it on the views drop-down list when creating a new group.

As the “Sunstone Views” document suggests, I created the new view by copying "cloud.yaml’ file as “Newcloud.yaml”. I was expecting to see a “Newcloud” view showing up on the list of views I could assign to a new group, but that is not happening.

Could anybody help by point what I’m missing or what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks a lot,


Hi There,

I figured that out:
I was not noticing that the new view was showing under “Other Layouts”, down below on the Create Group page.
Once I selected it, it was added to the list of available views for the new group.