Some ruby crash on compute node

Hi all, I see in logs some ruby crash on one compute node. I decided, that can be related to opennebula, because there is no other sw qhich runs on ruby (I think). Anyone experience same crash?

node2	20.11.2017 01:39:22	abrt-server	user	warn	Deleting problem directory ccpp-2017-11-20-01:39:19.243844-22840 (dup of ccpp-2017-11-06-01:25:48.259806-11962)
node2	20.11.2017 01:39:22	dbus-daemon	daemon	info	[system] Activating service name='org.freedesktop.problems' requested by ':1.595785' (uid=0 pid=14183 comm="/usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/abrt-action-notify -d /v") (using servicehelper)
node2	20.11.2017 01:39:22	dbus-daemon	daemon	info	[system] Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.problems'
node2	20.11.2017 01:39:22	abrt-notification	user	crit	Process 11962 (ruby-mri) crashed in __libc_free()
node2	20.11.2017 01:39:18	systemd-coredump	user	crit	Process 22840 (ruby-mri) of user 9869 dumped core.#012#012Stack trace of thread 22840:#012#0 0x00007fb540176fdf asn1_item_embed_free ( 0x00007fb5401773e0 asn1_template_free ( 0x00007fb5401771d6 asn1_item_embed_free ( 0x00007fb540177305 ASN1_item_free ( 0x00007fb5402a7d61 X509_OBJECT_free ( 0x00007fb54029a0c0 OPENSSL_sk_pop_free ( 0x00007fb5402a8205 X509_STORE_free ( 0x00007fb542449211 finalize_list ( 0x00007fb5424558e0 rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit ( 0x00007fb5424408cd ruby_cleanup ( 0x00007fb542440a45 ruby_run_node ( 0x000055adbbbdd8cb main (ruby-mri)#012#12 0x00007fb54169250a __libc_start_main ( 0x000055adbbbdd8fa _start (ruby-mri)#012#012Stack trace of thread 22860:#012#0 0x00007fb541776acd poll ( 0x00007fb542527ab4 thread_timer ( 0x00007fb54219a36d start_thread ( 0x00007fb541782bbf __clone (