Submitting Jobs to VM + Forming Virtual Cluster


I have setup Opennebula with TM as SSH…

a) Now I have to submit Jobs to the VMs… Can it be achieve through SGE? How is the integration done between SGE and Opennebula.

b) I am planning for a virtual cluster formation( Clustering VMs) for research purpose. But I am stuck.
Pls help.


OpenNebula does VMs, it does not know about jobs. I’m not aware of any SGE integration, but you can go here in case you need to know more OpenNebula APIs.

It will be easier to help if you explain with more detail what is it that you are trying to accomplish, and how you are stuck.


Thanks for the reply…
I have configured opennebula. Now I have to assign jobs to the VMs, As per the documentation what I understood is , Opennebula doesnt deal with submitting jobs. Is there anyother way to submit tasks to VM

As per my project I have an idea of clustering the VMs that are idle and allocating job to the entire cluster. But i neither know how to submit job to a VM and how to cluster the VM