Terraform-OpenNebula-Provider future plans regarding "Limitations"

since yesterday I am evaluating the Terraform-OpenNebula-Provider. During setting up a virtual datacenter I started missing what was already mentioned on the project’s page under “Limitations”, - namely datastores, users, ACLs, …

What are the plans regarding the implementation of those limitations?

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Hi @thofmann!

Sorry for the delay in responding. We are working now on the roadmap for version 0.2 of the Terraform Provider. This is a joint initiative with Iguane Solutions and other members of the OpenNebula Community, so it’s taking us a while to define a roadmap that works for everybody. We’ll have something ready shortly and then we’ll ask the Community for feedback, of course :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your patience! And, please, feel free to keep us posted re: that initial evaluation of yours.



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I noticed some warnings in the trace output from terraform. it seems some parts need to be updated internally.

2020/03/09 02:11:55 [TRACE] GRPCProvider: ApplyResourceChange
2020/03/09 02:11:55 [WARN] Provider "registry.terraform.io/-/opennebula" produced an invalid plan for opennebula_virtual_machine.demo[0], but we are tolerating it because it is using the legacy plugin SDK.
    The following problems may be the cause of any confusing errors from downstream operations:
      - .pending: planned value cty.False does not match config value cty.NullVal(cty.Bool)
2020/03/09 02:11:55 [TRACE] <root>: eval: *terraform.EvalCheckPlannedChange


Sorry for the late reply and thank @amarti for catching this.
There isn’t a “formal” roadmap as we (IguaneSolutions) developed the provider when we have some time to do.
A version 0.2 is under development and it will add some enhancements and new features (here is the milestone)

There is not a fixed ETA for this release.

The provider has been developed for a user perspective not the cloud administrator. I mean it is more oriented as a pure “Infra as Code” tool instead of a cloud deployment tool. that is why for the moment the following resources are not available:

  • hosts
  • datastores
  • clusters
  • users
  • ACLs

For ACLs, this PR is available.

About other resources we are not sure it is a good idea to deploy a cloud from scratch with terraform. It might help for a demo but not for production usage. But we are open to discuss the pros and cons :).

Do not hesitate to open issues with you needs.

@darkfader, there is a PR not terminated yet about the SDK migration.

Thank you for your messages


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