Terraform Provider for OpenNebula now officially approved


Terraform Provider for OpenNebula has been tested by HashiCorp and is now officially approved!


Many thanks to Iguane Solutions and the OpenNebula Community for this achievement!


Is this provider being actively maintained ?
I am hitting some formatting issues when using the provider and the provided examples.

eg I get this error in the network resource:

Error: Unsupported argument

  on vxlan1001.tf line 13, in resource "opennebula_virtual_network" "vxlan1001":
  13:     ar = [ {

An argument named "ar" is not expected here. Did you mean "id"?

That is basically copy-paste of the example in the docs.

hi @knfoo

Sorry for the late reply, I was not aware about your post.

A new release of the provider with some fixes has been released few weeks ago.
The documentation is only maintained on terraform website: https://www.terraform.io/docs/providers/opennebula/index.html

But you re right there is an issue in the doc, the format is not compliant with Terraform 0.12.

I will fix it in a next release.