Towards a Stronger OpenNebula Community

Hmm, maybe “should”, but certainly isn’t:

Thanks for your interest in OpenNebula. We are evaluating your request. You will receive an email within a few days with the migration package if you have provided the required info and meet the terms of the OpenNebula Software License Agreement for Non-Commercial Use.

I have to admit that I only read the notes half-heartedly (having upgraded my installations to 5.10 about 6 months ago without any issues), but it’s a bloody minor upgrade, so what? And yes, that dpkg -i opennebula-migration-community*.deb didn’t work I put down to the Community Edition vs. Enterprise stuff:

So, from my point of view, this …


User of the Community Edition of OpenNebula can upgrade from the previous stable version if they are running a non-commercial OpenNebula cloud. In order to access the migrator package a request needs to be made through this online form.

… should actually read:


If you intend to upgrade a Community Edition of OpenNebula, you MUST STOP NOW and request the related migrator package via this online form FIRST: Upgrading will FAIL until you were granted access to the migrator package!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t, and now my OpenNebula cloud is down – until, some cloudy day, some entity graciously grants access to the opennebula-migration-community .deb …

Not amused, a minor upgrade totally breaking the system — ich kann nicht soviel essen, wie ich kotzen könnte. Gna!

Hallo @wusel,

Hope you managed to fix the problem with your OpenNebula instance. Reading the documentation in detail before performing an upgrade is always a good idea, yes. Still, if you find that something in can be improved, please fell free to edit it and submit any changes you find appropriate via GitHub.

Many thanks in advance.

Very sad move. A on-prem cloud solution that can’t be upgraded is useless. The support contract/subscription is useless as well as i build my own patched version. The ability to adjust ON to my needs was one of the main drivers that lead to the adoption in the first place. That is now basically out of the window. I wish you luck with that strategy but honestly this means you lose the people who use it for their own stuff which are in turn the people who pitch it for use in their company. I honestly wish you good luck with the user base that is locked in enough so they can’t switch but i will move on - does not make any sense to put any further effort into this project.

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For personal/academic use, and for non-commercial deployments and those by non-profit organizations, the upgrade process is quite straightforward and only requires you to submit a simple on-line form via and we’ll send you the CE migration packages.

For private companies willing to use OpenNebula for commercial purposes there are several alternatives, but all of them, in one way or another, based on the principle that business organizations benefiting from open source software have an ethical responsibility towards the sustainability of the projects that provide that technology, and are expected to somehow contribute to those communities.

If that’s your case, please contact us through that same form.