Ubuntu 16.04 template from marketplace crashes after update


I have problems with the ubuntu 16.04 template from marketplace. It runs fine first but after apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && reboot the VM hangs. I took a screenshot where it crashes. Someone has an idea what could cause this?

thanks and cheers

Hi, your mentioned bug ist solved here:

You’ve just to remove
from the boot options, see

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Hi Hasan.

Many thanks. Fixed.

Now that i know the cause there is another solution. Put that in Other --> Rawdata:

<devices><serial type=\"pty\"><source path=\"/dev/pts/5\"/><target port=\"0\"/></serial><console type=\"pty\" tty=\"/dev/pts/5\"><source path=\"/dev/pts/5\"/><target port=\"0\"/></console></devices>

thanks again.

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Hi Thomas,

thnx =)


the xml in the post seems to have been fried.

<devices> <serial type="pty"> <source path="/dev/pts/5"/> <target port="0"/> </serial> <console type="pty" tty="/dev/pts/5"> <source path="/dev/pts/5"/> <target port="0"/> </console> </devices>

attempted to correct the tags.

Besides that, can someone PLEASE fix the marketplace, either the grub config or by including the xml code?
This issue must’ve existed for months, and it’s not cool to find the downloaded templates break on update.
I just ran into it while testing. What if someone uses them for real?

Please make a warning in the VM description in marketplace.
And later, please make a fix.

Can you try this updated image? It disables serial console.


Sorry to recycle this old post… but in Ubuntu 18.04 marketplace template the issue is still alive: :frowning:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade (and/or dist-upgrade)


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Same problem here

Works fine with :
<devices><serial type=“pty”><source path="/dev/pts/5"/><target port=“0”/></serial><console type=“pty” tty="/dev/pts/5"><source path="/dev/pts/5"/><target port=“0”/></console></devices>

in raw data