We're looking at different cloud stacks at the moment

We’re looking at different cloud stacks at the moment, and OpenNebula has been brought up but I’ve never heard of it in the same vein as OpenStack, Eucalyptus and CloudStack. Why is that? Does anyone run it in house, and what experience do you have with it?

We looked at other solutions. I did not have luck with OpenStack. At every single install, something went wrong. Not sure why, but then I have a try to OpenNebula. I cannot say that it was flawless because of the learning curve, but it has been a year for us, running obviously multiple machines. We developed a GUI for admins and end users to select their “lab” and work with those. after so many days, labs reverts to snapshots. So far so good, and we are getting a ton of positive feedback.

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OpenNebula stands out from the rest, mainly the lack of system complexity and ease of extensibility. Installing it and maintaining it is straight forward and if you have a specific need, you can easily develop an addon. Take a look at the addon catalog maintained by the community.

Hi, @johnsmith101! There are some resources in https://opennebula.org/discover/ that you might find interesting, including key features and user stories.

Our Year in Review post could also be a good starting point to get a general overview: https://opennebula.org/opennebula-2019-year-in-review/

As for other open source cloud management platforms… quite simple: we don’t have any large vendor behind, with their huge marketing budgets… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No pain no gain, I guess!

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