Where is packages repo on github?

Hi everyone,

I can’t find the package repo anymore https://github.com/OpenNebula/packages.git
Therefor I can’t build hotfix, master etc to help tests on OpenNebula
Is there any outage or changes about how packages are built ?

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Hello Madko, it is private now. You need to pay at least 4000Eur a year for subscription.

If you do/did significant contributions they probably grant you access.

That was what we were afraid of. Is there any public announcement about this important decision ?

btw yes we were contributing to OpenNebula, indirectly thru OpenVswitch, and more directly thru the ovs_vxlan driver. We did also some tests during pyoca/ansible driver. I was about to also help the french translation on transifex as I did before but now…

Could you please provide a reference to a decision? Your release notes are still tell us that templates to build packages will still be available to public.

Hi there!

Thank you all for your patience! Here you have the details about this decision: Towards a Stronger OpenNebula Community Hope this helps to clarify the new scenario.

Just to make it clear: access to the packages repo is NOT one of the benefits that comes with the OpenNebula Subscription. Although the repo is now private again, and only accessible in principle to the OpenNebula Team, active members of the community can request access.

@amarti How does one request an access?

Hi @Alexander_Litvak! Please, have a look at my latest reply on Towards a Stronger OpenNebula Community