Windows VM - permission issue when adding a remote node while creating a failover cluster and wmi remotely

Open Nebula 5.6.1 | Windows Server 2016 Version 1607

I am a Windows server administrator, we do not handle the Open Nebula management, however, I requested for two VMs on the same host and using the same template, however, when I am trying to create a cluster, I am encountering “You do not have administrative privileges on the server” error when adding a different node than the one where I am accessing it.

  1. I am sure that I am a local administrator on both VMs.
  2. Tried removing and rejoining into the same domain.
  3. Ensured that the time is synced with the domain controller.

If I continue with creating the cluster with only the local node, then I am successful.

Other than this, I also cannot invoke wmi remotely. I’m thinking this might be related and was wondering if anyone encountered similar errors and how they resolved it.