5.10.2 Hotfix Release is out!

OPENNEBULA 5.10 Release

OpenNebula v.5.10.2 Hotfix Release is out! :point_right: https://opennebula.org/hotfix-release-v-5-10-2-is-available/ :rocket: Users with active support subscriptions: please check your private repositories for access to the new packages :gift: #opensource #cloud #cloudcomputing #edgecomputing #announcement #opennebula #release #hotfix

Can we upgrade the 5.10.1 to 5.10.2 now??
Also, note that we are facing network issue using 5.10.1.

Apparently I can’t see any packages for 5.10.2 so I assume we can’t upgrade yet

Hello Community,

For some this may be the first time seeing communications about Hotfix releases, and you may be wondering how to get access to them. As part of the User Community, access to the OpenNebula software, and the Maintenance Releases that follow updates / upgrades is universal. Yet, in addition to leading the open source project, OpenNebula Systems provides Enterprise Support to subscribers of our commercial support subscriptions. One of the several benefits of being a subscriber is gaining access to packages to Hotfix releases. So, while these Hotfix packages are not generally available, we believe there is value in communicating the details about these releases and what is included - even if only to clarify the work being done and the issues continually being addressed. And everyone can create their own packages or build OpenNebula from the source code.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me (@mabdou).

Very best,

So the best course of action for those not paying for Enterprise Support is to stick to ‘oldstable’, i. e. the previous release, which most likely has all known bugs fixed for the general public?

Hi @wusel,

While the packages from Hotfix incremental versions are not publicly released and are only available for users with an active commercial subscription, the code is publicly available in the GitHub repository, as are the templates to create packages for the different supported platforms. So, everyone can create their own packages or build OpenNebula from the source code, but only OpenNebula Systems customers have the convenience of pre-created packages for Hotfix incremental releases.


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Hi @mabdou,

so if I feel bitten by something that is supposed to be fixed in a hotfix release, I’d just roll my own packages from the corresponding tag, i. e. release-5.10.2 in this case, and upgrade to those? Ok, that’s awesome indeed.


FTR, that link nowadays yields a 404 page.

@mabdou I also would like to know where are the packages now?


The good old “Hotfix Releases” are now called EE Maintenance Releases, and only available to corporate users with an OpenNebula Subscription: https://github.com/OpenNebula/one/wiki/Release-Policy This is part of our policy to provide more benefits to those organizations that actively support the OpenNebula project: https://support.opennebula.pro/hc/en-us/articles/360043961492-OpenNebula-Subscription-FAQ

For users of the OpenNebula Community Edition, we’ll regularly be producing CE Patch Releases (like the recent v., whose code and binary/source packages are available under Apache License v.2.0. As for requesting access to our private packages template repo, please refer to Towards a Stronger OpenNebula Community

  1. So CE Patch releases are available through regular packages repos?
  2. And they are only for front end?
  3. And they don’t need migrators?

Hi Branislav!

  1. Yep.
  2. Nope, they cover the whole product.
  3. Nope, migrators only apply to upgrades to new minor/major releases.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

So a simple “apt upgrade” is sufficient?


The process depends on your actual configuration, so it’s better if you follow the instructions from http://docs.opennebula.io/5.12/intro_release_notes/upgrades/start_here.html :wink:

Hi Alberto,

ok thanks. But I’m a bit confused now. In the post above you wrote that migrators are only needed for minor/major releases.
I’m currently running and I thought I might could just install the CE Patch with ‘apt upgrade’.

Best regards,

Hi @tku, you don’t need the migrator packages to upgrade from CE to the new CE, onedb upgrade should have no effect in this case.

Hi Alberto,

thanks for letting me know. So I can just install the patch with ‘apt upgrade’ on all frontends and nodes and restart opennebula services? No database and configuration changes needed?

Sorry for being a so penetrative here, I’m just insecure here because I have never done it before… :confused:
Thanks a lot,

Hello @tku,

The OpenNebula philosophy in non-major upgrades (i.e. for CE Patch Releases) is not to change configuration files or the database schema. For this reason, you don’t need to upgrade the database, you just need to stop all OpenNebula services, perform the apt upgrade command in all your servers, and then start again all the services.



Thanks Alex!

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