OpenNebula 5.4.2 or 5.4.3 but official repo provides 5.4.1


I can see in the documentation that there is a 5.4.2 version. Do you know here it is ? why it has not been publicly announced ?
I can also see that the documentation refere to a 5.4.3 hotfix version, but the roadmap shows that it’s not yet finished.

I’ve looked in the yum repository, and it’s still a 5.4.1 version. So I’m a bit lost. Am I using the latest OpenNebula official packages ? I’m using this yum repo

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Please note that packages for hotfix releases are not publicly available, although the code certainly is. Please read about hotfix releases here:

wow, is that new ?

Here is centos repo

Hi Kristian

I can find the SRPM, could you provide them ? Thanks

Hello, sorry but srpms are not available

Any reason why ?

I looked into it and found it prepared in rpmbuild/SRPMS, so I copy to repo under src dir - like is in official opennebula repository.

Thank you Kristian, this is perfect.

Is it normal that on the official download page the sources tarball is still 5.4.1 ?

Welcome…yes, we have to prepare src tar also. Available is only github repo