Repository Centos for 5.10.4

I updated opennebula 5.8 to 5.10.
I find myself in version 5.10.1 and I would like to switch to 5.10.4

I’m on Centos 7 but it doesn’t seem to offer me new updates with ‘yum update opennebula’

Is version 5.10.4 available for Centos 7?

Short anwer: Kinda, yes :slight_smile:

Technically speaking, the sources are available and one can build it himself. That way 5.10.4 is actually available for any linux distribution you can think of, as long as the dependencies are met :wink:

You probably mean the binaries that are readily compiled. Kinda, again :slight_smile:

As it says on, the latest patches aren’t publicly available as binary distribution, they are only for people with an active subscription. So, if you pay, you have the binaries available, but if not, then you don’t have them yet.

If you installed it via yum to begin with (which sounds like you did, if you are trying to run yum update opennebula), I’d say it’s the maintainer of the repository that defines what you can install or can not, i.e. CentOS or RedHat. They need to update their repository with the latest version.

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Hi @TiDjY35!

As part of the announcement of the release of OpenNebula 5.10.4 that we published last week, you’ll find a link to the instructions on how to build it from source:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

ok thanks everybody

Have a good day

I don’t know if it’s been fixed in the current version, but the previous
instructions for building rpms (which you presumably want) failed. I
posted a working recipe a few months ago which you could use with 5.10.4
if there’s still a problem. I haven’t provided a public repo out of
courtesy to the developers.


Much appreciated, Dave :slight_smile: