5.10 build from source rpm don't work

I can’t build openNebula 5.10 from src.rpm in CentOs 7.7. Has anyone succeeded? 5.8 build process is well.


can you please share the errors you get? The build process has internally changed in 5.10 and depends on Mock tool, but from the perspective of user running the centos7.sh script with required parameters, it looks the same.


I build with rpmbuild from spec (centos7.spec) from src.rpm package .
Command rpmbuild -bb centos7.spec exited with error "fg: no job control "

Aha, I would say we have missed a dependency on epel-rpm-macros. Please try to install. Thanks.

It’s work. Thanks.

But… I see opennebula-rubygem-*-noarch.rpm in official OpenNebula repo. And I don’t find src.rpm for build it .
Have any ideas?

There are no src.rpms for Ruby gems, they are built by the wrapper scripts (centos7.sh) on the fly.