CentOS 7 Repository for non public releases 5.6+

Hello, I like to share centos 7 repo for non-public versions 5.6.x.

baseurl = https://opennebula.feldhost.cz

“non-public” releases are opennebula hotfix releases that are not available as builded packages for free. They are available only for users with commercial subscription as is stated here

My repo contains also SRPMs and prepared source files (tar.gz) with builded dependencies, so you can build your own packages using openenbula package scripts

5.6.2 builded. Resolved issues:

More info


Hi all, I just want to notify about updated repository url

baseurl = https://opennebula.feldhost.cz/x86_64/

5.8.4 was build.

5.10.4 was built!

baseurl = https://opennebula.feldhost.cz/x86_64/