5.4 cloud view vs 5.2

For the users of a particular group, in cloud view I do not want to show the total number of vms that is running in the group. So I disabled other users from seeing other vms in their group. But I want to also remove that group thing in that box I marked. If possible then the whole box.

Please help me I need it badly. Thanks in advance. Sorry for bad english. It was not in 5.2 cloud view but now in 5.4. So how to remove it ?

Hey ! How did you get the add VM Icon there with usining Templates ? My Rights are Standard.

I am also interested in not to display this topic !

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Hello. I am using 5.4 version and it is already there like these. Although if you wander I have added my cloud.yaml file here. You can find this file /etc/one/sunstone-views here.
cloud.yaml (5.0 KB)