Adding attribute in a "Host" and/or "Datastore"


after reading Scheduler Configuration — OpenNebula 6.0.3 documentation, I have added “PRIORITY” attribute to my two hosts and two “system” datastore (“0” in the front-end node and “103” in my new “kvm” node.
I have assigned a greater value in front-end items because I want that front-end gets more priority (in front-end 100 and in kvm host 50).

But I have a question: after adding these attributes, should I restart opennebula-scheduler daemon and/or execute a “onehost sync” or similar?


You need to specify a RANK expression that uses PRIORITY. If you did this globally (for all VMs) in sched.conf, then you need to restart the service (scheduler). However if you plan to add this policy selectively (i.e. for some VM templates) then it is not needed.

I added that attribute in this way:

I added, also, in the other host and in their “system” datastores".

I don’t understand what you want to mean with “globally (for all VMs)”. My purppose is to give more priority to one host over the other one.