Adding public key through one-tools

Hello, I am rather new to the opennebula and its capabilities and I recently started to use opennebula-tools, so the question I have is, can I add another public key to my account using the command line and how would I be able to do it?

Hi laris3, welcome to opnenebula community. You can add more keys under user public key field. Just add another to new line

Hello, thanks for your answer, but can I do that from the command line or

Here is CLI reference and oneuser command

you can use update and pass template just with field you want update. In this case just SSH_PUBLIC_KEY="ssh-rsa ..."

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

One more question, can i make a vm template which would take my current
vm’s public key?

Like it would be added to authorized_keys of next vm?

yes, when you enabled VM Contexualization and you checked SSH Contexualization them user who run vm ssh pub key will be added

Hello, I do not want to create another topic, so i will ask here, why after
command like
Onevm show i try to output the info to a file and it crashes?