Automounting scratch disks

I’m currently testing with attaching scratch space to all non-persistent VMs, because, why not!

I’ve made a non-persistent datablock of 50GB that gets ext4 formatted.
But is there also a way to tell ONE to mount that thing to /scratch by default or do I need to add a script for it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Florian,

AFAIK there are two channels to communicate with the VM’s OS - the contextualization ISO and polling opennebula-gate. The ISO is checked on boot only so it is probably not your case. I think you can implement a third approach - write an udev rule and script to handle mounting the attached disk to a mount point in the VM.

Hope this helps,
Anton Todorov

Thank you, yes, that should work.

I’ll try and publish if successful :slight_smile: