Autorefresh feature is not working?

I deployed opennebula many times but and each time I cannot understand why is autorefreshing feature is not working in sunstone?
I found autorefresh: true option in sunstone view config, but it do nothing. Autorefreshing is not working, I need to click to refresh button every time.

Is it a bug or I do not understand something?

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Same here, I didn’t know it was supposed to autorefresh.
I’d say a bug because it’s really bad that it doesn’t display valid/complete information.

(esp. if you think if image selection in templates and such)

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I reported bug here:

Hello kvaps,

Autorefresh does not work because it will slow down the working of Sunstone. Is inefficient. Let’s remove that option in the yamls.

Thanks for the report.

Why? This is very useful option.
More clouds is support it out of box, but not opennebula yet.

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auto-refresh involves a request every second for each resource type (VM, Datastore, Host…).

Although the resources are not changing, Sunstone would make requests without stopping. This would slow down the process, having a poor user experience.

In OpenNebula we believe that it is better to click the ‘autofresh’ buttom to give a more flow experience.

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Well, may be would be better to realize the request caching for all users in sunstone, for make this function working too? In the next releases of course.

Is there some request ticket?

OK, I have created new one:

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