Better support for running public cloud instance


I would like to help to improve the public cloud instance support in OpenNebula. Today OpenNebula can just manage the public cloud instances lifecycle and it would be great if it can also manage disks and nics attachment in these cases.

  • Does it make sense to implement such features in OpenNebula?
  • What the right path to bring these features in OpenNebula? Specific TM and DS implementations?



We will redesign and improve the hybrid support for OpenNebual 5.0, the next major release.

The features you mention (better networking and storage support in public clouds through OpenNebula) totally makes sense. Could you please describe briefly your use case regarding these two features?


I would like to :

  • attach volume to a running cloud instance
  • attach network interface to a running cloud instance

To be able to use these features it would be necessary to have a way to import both public volumes and networks in ONE.