Billing solutions

Hi all, I have done some work on OpenNebula to InvoiceNinja bridge. Look at screenshots.

I need to finish mapping management and them create job which automatically create invoices based on showback results


I’m afraid that complete billing solution for a IaaS provider is much more than just sending invoice. There can be prepaid and contract types of services, per-hour, per-day and per-month billing options, software leasing with different type of licenses (for example, per-core or per-user licenses), technical support and so on. Different customer can have different rates. Even with “raw” ON services I don’t know how to bill for different datastore types (SSD and HDD datastores, for ex.).

I’m in the process of evaluation possibilities and really would like to avoid coding our own solution but can’t find any alternatives yet. The best option is to use any “big” billing cloud services and just add\code a connector to ON but even here can’t find enough options.

At the same time even with own project there are some important questions on how to count different services. For example, how to count how many public IPs have been used by a customer? Even with the VMs itself I’ve seen situations when host is already down but VMs show as running.


We had the same issue with the developer from Fiverr. He wanted to have full access to our environment (WHMCS and ON) in order to develop the module.

Hence we cancelled the project and got refunded. Still I think A module which works with WHMCS as full front-end (only api calls) and no access to ONE would be our preferred solution.

Who would be interested in this?

Hi Anton,

This may be of interest as we have been working with them.


I’ve just published an addon that could ease the VNC console integration with external billing solutions:

If I am not wrong this is the only piece of information missing from OpenNebula’s API?

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov