Billing solutions

Some one have working billing solutons for Opennebula?

P.S.CubeData not offer. Blunt and inadequate technical support, a disgusting module.

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I would have to agree with your opinion about CubeData. It appears it is run by a young kid. I have read some of the twitter posts and all the tweets are about server downtime and licencing issues with the module. Also he openly states that customers should NOT follow him on twitter as his personal account is only for his friends…very unprofessional indeed.

In addition to this, the module is not a complete solution even though it is marketed to be such.
I am going to invest some time and money in getting a module developed and naturally will need to recoup these costs so some input regarding prices that you would pay…
I am not a fan of monthly fees so a once off payment for full use of far better.

I am not sure how long this will take as the difficulty is finding someone that can take on this project. Initially it will be for WHMCS and if all goes well other billing systems too.

It would be far better in the long term to invest in having a proper module developed than reply on sloppy support from a clearly unprofessional outfit such a CubeData

Hello Ben,
Recently I learned from developers about the development of a module for WHMCS with the following functions:

  1. Create / delete user / group in ONE
  2. Add / del resources for User (CPU / Memory / HDD)
  3. Install VM from OpenNebula Templates
  4. VM controls for customer area (restart, power off, vnc
  5. VM controls for admin area (all of the above and suspend, delete / terminate)
  6. IP management including IP blocks
  7. Change password in User VM
  8. Add / del NIC
  9. Create / delet / mount / umount images
  10. Backup VM
  11. Use showback for hour billing

This module will cost $ 2000
It’s expensive for us at the moment.

P.S. Developer -

Hello Anton,

I am always a little hesitant on Fiver developers and especially ones that only have 3 reviews.
Can I ask where the $2000 comes from as the Fiver price is much less than this.
You are right about it being expensive but if I could work out how to recoup that cost via licencing and user uptake I would be happy to pay $2000 but again outlaying such an amount to a Fiver developer with such low reviews makes me nervous.

I will send him a message get some further information and let you know once I hear back

Hello Ben,
This developer called me the price in a personal message.

He just responded now and asked for more information. Maybe the price will be cheaper. I will update you once I have definitive price from him.

I think once I have Opennebula working and built I will probably outlay the cost for this module as it is imperative to my business. I will let you know in a few weeks.
Any chance you can advise here NFS Datastore Only for VM Storage

as this is just about the final step in the dev testing before I start purchasing new servers specific to opennebula.

Hello Anton,

Just to let you know we are going ahead with the development of the WHMCS module. The dev said it will take between 25-39 working days to develop. I will update you once complete and working after we complete our testing.

Hello Ben,
Thank you!

No problem.
I am assuming the same API for Opennebula can be used for vOneCloud ?

I don’t use vOneCloud. I have private cluster on ESXi 6.5. I use clean Opennebula, but API the same

ok thanks. Do you see any benefit using Opennebula and not vOneCloud ? Also I am assuming Opennebula can be used with NSX and vSAN ?

I can’t update vOneCloud without support subscription.

Hmmm…that would do it :slight_smile:
Thanks I think Ill ditch vOneCloud on that basis and use pure Opennebula.
Thanks again for your insight.

We are not using the guy you reccommended as he quoted $2000 then when we stated we required him to sign an agreement that we have exclusive use and he cannot sell the module or code…he then wanted more money because of this. In addition to this he did not know what was involved and this was another reason why the price increased from the initial quote of $2000. He stated that he looked at the docs and it would require another developer so he had no clue on what was involved and had never developed an Opennebula module before. So this means that we were going to pay for the build and he was going to sell it…We do not work with anyone that operates that way and never will.

In any event we now how someone that has already started the build and was happy to sign a commercial agreement…quote was far less and in less time. What these people do not realise is we would have given this guys thousands of dollars in more work as we have other provisioning module we need so it is a shame that he operated this way. I am sure he is capable however when it came to Opennebula he did not know what was involved.

Any news about billing?

Hi Ben

We would also be interested and would prefer to not reinvent the wheel by creating our own.

How is this project progressing?


Hello, we are using invoiceninja billing system. Invoiceninja is open source written in php (laravel) and have REST API. So we don’t need to create billing system from scratch, but just write “middleware” between OpenNebula and InvoiceNinja.

Is there serious interest? How much you can pay monthly for such connection?

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Hi, please provide more info about billing solution.

Hello, I am using InvoiceNinja billing system, looks on features here and it is opensource and can be self-hosted

I can write connector between OpenNebula and InvoiceNinja, so we don’t need to reinvent wheel, but just connect this two softwwares.

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