Modules for WHMCS


I search on the forum but does not see any modules integrate OpenNebule with WHMCS, do you know anyone sell this modules ?



No, as far as we know. Some weeks ago, someone reported a OpenNebula Provisioning Module For Blesta.

OpenNebula provides a simple showback module. (

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well now I have a module for whmcs built as that module for blesta is my own module I made(CubeData) is my company and I just finished making my own port over of my blesta opennebula provisioning module to whmcs
so now there is a module for whmcs as well.

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Hi Timothy,

Do you have show case of opennebula for WHMCS ?

Nghia Than,

what do you actually mean a showcase you mean like screenshots of it yes though a actual public facing whmcs live demo I cannot afford due to it costs too much to get a live demo whmcs working
but yes I have some screenshots I will post though for you on the page on my website: it finally allowed me to post the link finally