Bug report: minione installation - Permissions problem on /var/lib/one/ subdir

SW: minione r5.12
OS: Centos 7.8
SELINUX is disabled.

Steps taken:

Used the r5.12 minione script to install a test environment.
Went to the web interface.
Clicked on “Instances | VMs”
Clicked the green + to add a new VM.
Used the default template that is provided with the installation, “CentOS 7”
Specified the following (they are not important, the don’t affect the outcome):
Name = “on-test-1”
Phys CPU=1
Virt CPU=1
Clicked the green [Create] button and waited.

Eventually the list entry showed a status of “FAILURE”. Error message shown was:

Error deploying virtual machine: Could not create domain from /var/lib/one//datastores/0/7/deployment.0

Perms on /var/lib one are incorrect, must be changed to 755.

Perms after install are:

drwxr-x— 11 oneadmin oneadmin 4096 Oct 7 14:52 /var/lib/one/

Executed “chmod o+rx /var/lib/one”, perms are now:

drwxr-xr-x 11 oneadmin oneadmin 4096 Oct 7 15:05 /var/lib/one/

Re-ran the above steps and the VM creation worked.

Changed perms on /var/lib/one back and it failed again, so it’s reproducible.

The directory /var/lib/one is not on an NFS or other network disk.