Canevas for appliance creation


I would like to create an appliance and I’m looking for any standards on how to do this.

As I found in an old post, there is not public git repository for the kubernetes appliance.

The documentation explains how things works but I’m wondering if there is any canevas to avoid starting from scratch?


Hello @DaD,

First of all thank you very much for your interest in creating a new appliance!

These appliances are normally created by OpenNebula team. But, in the case you want to contribute, you can find all the information here. The only thing is that the image(s) that you want to publish, need to be send to one of our members (for example me) in order to test it and publish it in the public marketplace.


Thanks, we already install a temporary test appmarket-simple for our internal tests and it’s working fine.

Now, we create some appliances for our uses but they may be of interest to others, so we want to follow some kind of standards.

Looking at Kubernetes, I found:

  • /etc/one-appliance/ where it seems to have all stuffs to setup the service
  • /etc/one-context.d/net-90-service-appliance to configure and start the service
  • a modified /etc/one-context.d/net-99-report-ready to report the status of the service

So, I’m wondering if there is any appliance template to build new ones :wink:

There is no template to build that. The files that need to be created and all the information depend on the appliance you are building. The only guidelines are the ones specified in the marketplace repository.


I did a small repository based on kubernetes appliance.

It requires some more documentation but I’m using it to simplify my work when creating new appliance.


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