Centos 7 + Opennebula VM's fail to start

I’'ve setup a basic single frontend with one kvm host setup as per the Centos quickstart however whenever I attempt to start a VM it fails with the following error;
error: Failed to create domain from /mnt/datastores/101/11/deployment.0
error: can’t canonicalize path ‘/mnt/datastores//101/11/disk.1’: Permission denied

I’ve checked and my datastores directory is owned by oneadmin and there aren’t any issues read/writing to that directory as the oneadmin user.

Is there something I may have missed?

Why do you have your datastores in /mnt when you use a single server, or do you use networked storage ?
If you do, try mounting it as /var/lib/one or /var/lib/one/datastores .
This might be a mounting issue; maybe this thread can clarify ?