Change VLAN type to Manual on Virtual Network


We’ve upgraded from OpenNebula 4.12 to 5.2. We had a Virtual Network running with OVS that was set to untagged in the switches and since ON 5 now uses Automatic VLAN_ID assignment it by default reserves Vlan 0.

So now our Virtual Network is tagged with VLAN_ID 2 (first one in oned.conf -> VLAN_IDS) and set to VLAN_ID_AUTOMATIC and at least from Sunstone I’m unable to change the type and VLAN_ID…
It’s OK for me to tag it in the switches and run as VLAN100 instead of untagged.


Is there any way for me to update this to VLAN_ID = 100 and automatic = 0?
Do onevnet support that? Or is it possible to just update the body field in the network_pool table in the database or does that have any negative impact on OVS or so?

Any inputs appreciated