Datastore and dom0 volumen


I know that if one device at dom0 should be presented to a vm that run in the same dom0. Using dev datastore.

but in my way. i have only one volume (10TB) /dev/mapper/VG0-scratch. Inside that, run the vm and disk.0 disk.1… are copying to that…

my question is.

there are any way to configure for example /scrach/backup.qcow2 that the VM mount as disk.X when boot in that dom0?

of course the VM always will run in the same dom0.

Thanks in advance.

no idea? no possible?

You can register images with source instead of path. Make sure they are persistent so they are not cloned on instantiation or hotplug.

$ oneimage create --name test --source /scrach/backup.qcow2 --driver qcow2 --persistent --datastore default --size 0M
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Great, more or less that solve my problem :slight_smile: Thanks so much Javi.