Datastore can see only 50GB

i created datastore on a 1TB folder
datastore in sunstone present only 50GB
is this community edition issue or configuration issue?


Hello @hbar

You need to configure OpenNebula folder to use that 1TB. You can create a symbolic link to that folder. Your datastore folders are located under /var/lib/one/datastores.


thanks for the replay
im not sure why defualt datastore creation cant see more than 50GB it sounds like a bug and the link sounds like a workaround solution.
i am planning to use this in a production ENV and i hope some1 can fix the default behavior.
anyway many thanks!

Hello @hbar

By default, OpenNebula creates three datastores:

  • system
  • default
  • files

Three of them are created with SSH TM_MAD. This is why you see 50 GB, because they use your local storage. You can check more information about datastores and how to configure them here.