Delete template vCenter

I’ve been playing with the VM persistent instantiation and I’ve found when I delete the template that is created when the vm is terminated, it is removed from OpenNebula but not from the vmWare Datastore. Is an expected behaviour or I’m missing something?


Hi Adrian!
yes, that should be expected. According to this docs section:

There are different behavior of the vCenter resources when deleted in OpenNebula. The following resources are NOT deleted in vCenter when deleted in OpenNebula:

  • VM Templates
  • Networks
  • Datastores


Thanks Miguel!

I think is interesting to delete templates from OpenNebula. For example, imagine that a final user creates 10 templates from his vms and after a couple of days he delete 8. There will be 8 templates in vCenter that are not registered in OpenNebula. You must go into your vCenter and find them without know anything about them.

I’m going to create a request on OpenNebula dev portal and paste the link here for futures references.

I’ve created a ticket: