Discussion about various issues arising in OpenNebula

It seems there is an error transfering the image to the system datastore, please check that you can access to it via passwordless ssh in case of ssh tm_mad and you can write in case of shared tm_mad.

How to check it ?

Check you system datastore TM_MAD (onedatastore show -x and look for tm_mad) and then if it’s ssh just try ssh without password if it’s shared try to create and read a file as oneadmin user.

I’m getting the following error during VM creation :slight_smile:

Hello @ashish

Try to execute manually the scp -r command, does it work?

Like this
scp -r localhost.localdomain:/var/lib/one//datastores in terminal ?

I can explain you in steps that what i have done -:

  1. From Storage -> Apps -> Download Ubuntu 16.04 - KVM

  2. So, VM template is created using this.

  3. Now, in order to create VM i used this VM template.

  4. But, when i tried to deployed this created VM on host, it is giving this error.

    Some command i missed to execute i think?

You didn’t miss any command, the problem might be that the scp command might not work, so please try the scp command above and let me know if that works.

How to use scp command for it ?

Please reply…

Just try the scp command and let me know if that works, maybe you are missing some configuration and OpenNebula can’t execute the scp without password.