Email Alerts configuration

Hi All,

want to know whether we can configure the mail alerts after creation of the VM’s in the cloud. If yes please help me with the configuration details.

Also in the DashBoard Datastore information not clear my vCenter Datastore is not showing?

Hi Martin,

Could you please help on this, where can I the SMTP (email alert settings).

Hi Suresh,

You can write a mail alerts hook. Please take a look over Using Hooks documentation to learn more.

To be explicit you would need to write a virtual machine hook.

You can use any kind of shell or programming language to get the job done as long as you can decode base64
and parse XML.

Hello @valentin_bud
I am having concerns with the similar things that’s why extending the same thread.
I am implementing email functionality, sticking with SMTP. As Hook is for states and api but I want to trigger email on different functionalities so VM Hook would not be suitable.
Could you please share the SMTP or email trigger functionality which is already embedded with Opennebula.
Also thinking of some queue mechanism like RabbitMQ or may be kafka.
Please share some stuffs or action points to achieve the same.
@ahuertas Could you please help or redirect to the team.

Thanks, any help is highly appreciated!

Hi @Rahul_Sharma,

different functionalities

What functionalities? Hooks have all the functionality as they can be configured in all VM states and all API calls.

There is no integration with any email functionality, neither RabbitMQ, kafka. Hooks need to be used for this.


Hello @ahuertas

Wanted to send a mail after every n days from the VM start VM is in running state, so I think there is no any State for VM at every n days nor an API call (XML- RPC API) would be there, may be I am misunderstanding the concept. Please correct!

Hello @Rahul_Sharma,

To do that you can use cron, so having an action that check how many days has been the VM running and then send the email.

Also, you can create a hook that is triggered on one.vm.update and check how many days it has been running.