External DHCP / eth0 does not get configured

Hi there,

I’m running the 6.0 CE edition and I have it configured to use external DHCP.

So, using a OpenNebula Centos7 image, if I manually run dhclient my VM will get assigned a DHCP address. So that all appears to work.

What doesn’t work is that none of my VMs seem to automatically configure eth0.

What I expect when the VM boots is that the system recognises that eth0 is present and will create /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 but this doesn’t seem to happen. I have confirmed that the networking doesn’t get configured with Ubuntu either.

So something I’ve misconfigured is causing the contextualization to fail to setup the networking.

I have NETWORK=“yes” set, on the virtual network I’m using “ethernet”, but beyond that I don’t know what to check next?