Faild to deploy ceph datastore

hello everyone hopes all is well
I setup and running ceph cluster I really tired to deploy ceph datastore to opennebula I read this doc
I generate user auth at cephadmin and after that copy to frontend and node (lxd)
in cehp-adm create user and get key and scp to other node and also create secret.xml and generate uuid In this node but after copy secret.xml and use virsh to define key datastore create by conf
NAME = ceph_fs
TM_MAD = ceph

BRIDGE_LIST = “ceph-osd1 ceph-mon”
CEPH_USER = oneadmin
CEPH_SECRET = “bb1f0f94-eaf0-4939-a0a5-7a4311fe8c41”

but my problem is ds not get capacity

Hello @Mahdi_Khosravi

Did you see any monitoring error in the oned.log /var/log/one/oned.log? Maybe it can help you solving the problem.


Hello @ahuertas Thanks for your reply
yes, I saw this file but there was nothing to help me
I use lxd as a node I deployed new ceph storage by lxd init