Finding image name information based on it's filename

Since opennebula loves to make image source file names really long and impossible to remember (Example: 33c951be32ba2b0c57b11783906e4563) I was wondering if there was a way to identify which image that filename belongs. I’ve identify 3 ways to do this, i’m hoping there is an easier way.

For Example:

I see a file 33c951be32ba2b0c57b11783906e4563 which I know is a OpenNebula image. As it stands now I have three options I can think off:

  1. oneimage list and one by one do a oneimage show until I find it. This is simply not sustainable as it takes too long if you have a huge list of images.
  2. go to each frontend and do a ps aux | grep 33c951be32ba2b0c57b11783906e4563 until I find which frontend has a VM attached to it (assuming it’s running). This has two problems, one is if the VM isn’t running then I can’t see it and the other is if I have a lot of frontends this becomes more and more a problem.
  3. Make a fancy script that simply parses oneimage list for me. I love scripts but this feels like i’m fighting a problem that should already have an answer.

I’m hoping someone has an answer before I go with option 3 and hope nothing changes.

I am suggesting to try “Long Path Tool” program.