Group based variable "VCENTER_DATASTORE"

Hello OpenNebula Community,

in the moment we are evaluating the vOneCloud for our internal development platform to replace external providers like linode or digitalocean. For us it is important to ensure the data integrity and also the flexibility and easy deployments for our developers. So we gave the vOneCloud a shot.

The setup was very easy (thanks for that already) but when we dived deeper we had some troubles. A main difficulty was to define the VCENTER_DATASTORE variable group based.

Sunstone Admin Interface > Systen > Groups > Team_X > Attributes

VCENTER_DATASTORE = datastore001_dev_1

VCENTER_DATASTORE = datastore001_dev_2

As a workaround we created a Template for every team. It works but it requires a lot more effort to maintain. Maybe we just overlooked something. We hope to get this problem fixed soon.

Regards, Marcel

Hi Marcel!,

For vOneCloud related topics there’s another forum. Can you please submit your questions there?


Hi n40lab,

thanks for your reply. In my opinion it is not vOneCloud specific, more like a Sunstone/ OpenNebula communication question how the variable is being forwarded.

So, would it be useful if I post the question in the vOneCloud forum aswell (response time)? I thought the community could help me easily with this issue.

~ Marcel

Hi Marcel!
though indeed your question is not specific to vOneCloud it would be best to gather all those questions about vOneCloud in that forum. I’d suggest you to post this question on that forum and later put a reference here to any information that can be useful for other OpenNebula users visiting this topic.


Postet it to the vOneCloud Forum. It should be soon available there, after the approval.

~ Marcel